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Round Corner GraphicWelcome to AVEX Golf - Custom Made Golf Clubs

AVEX Golf creates custom golf clubs that are designed to fit your swing! Whether you're a beginner, social, exercise, or competitive golfer, AVEX Golf can help you achieve your goals.

Our drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters are made to fit you, unlike golf clubs off the showroom floor that only fit what is considered the average height for men and women. The standard clubs often force the golfer to adjust their swing to the club, rather than the club to your swing. If you are someone who has troubles hitting long irons, hybrids can be a solution to using conventional long irons. We have several selections of hybrid models.

AVEX Golf offer brands such as: Snake Eyes, Killer Bee, Golfsmith, XPC, Wishon, Acer, Power Play, iBella, Bionik, and Dynacraft. We also offer a variety of shafts and grips, to give you the opportunity to build the perfect set of custom fitted golf clubs for yourself.

For in-person Custom Fitting in Phoenix area, email avex@avexgolf.com.

For more information on selecting clubs, go to Basic Club Tips under Tips on the menu bar.

Golfsmith Killer Bee Harvey Penick XPC Snake Eyes

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